BCR Case 30

 Ken’s verse

Issan wove a tale about a secret recipe 

For chocolate chip cookies.

He would share it if you helped in the kitchen.

Of course I helped.

We all helped.

It was like a promise.

Everyone did. 

How could you say no to Issan?

After we’d put on our aprons

After all the ingredients had been found

Dry stuff from the pantry

Butter from the refrigerator

Lots of it

Sugar from the top shelf

Neat brown bags with chocolate 

And chocolate chips

Carried in from the back seat of the car

The oven was preheating.

He was a stickler about the temperature

The cookie sheets laid with parchment paper.

We each had our bowl and task assigned

None was burdensome

Though some were more fun than others.

When the time came we each took 

What we had and Issan directed us

Towards a big mixing bowl

And we folded them together

Not rushed or with a lot of jerky motion

Big globs of butter stood out 

From bits of Hershey

Putting them on the sheet with the correct spacing

Because he was always generous with the portions

This was perhaps the most difficult of the operations

Issan said watch me.

He used his thumbs to push and adjust

So that they didn’t stick together

Too much

And everyone would get a taste.

Totally ordinary 

Everything from the Safeway


But they were magic

And the smell!

So much better if the party were 

Drag and laughter.

This recipe is now written in my DNA.

Thank you Issan.


rdelrio1369@gmail.com said…
Not to make a pun, but I can’t find better words: Oh, how sweet😘😋

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