Robert Frost

OK, I have a soft spot in my heart!

"America's favorite grumpy poet" -Joe McFadden

The story goes that Frost had an unhappy childhood. I don't know that, or can't say with certainty. But I do know that he was born in San Francisco, and died in New England. I was born in New England and have lived most of my life in San Francisco. From what I know of New England, it is totally fitting that Frost died there. I don't know where I'll die, but San Francisco has made me very happy. I can say that with certainty.  He went to Dartmouth College. So did I. He didn't finish school. I did. I heard his last poetry reading in the Hopkins Center in Hanover. I've been back there too.

He makes me think of my Father. He might have been grumpy, or cranky, or even crazy. But he also had a very nice smile, and spoke with a soft voice. He was quite handsome as a young man.

And some of his poems:

Acquainted With The Night
Birches (the first poem I ever memorized)
October for my Dad
Mending Wall
The Gift Outright
"The Gift Outright" in Frost's own hand


Anonymous said…
Frost is one my favorite poets and I loved the way you wrote about the compatibility among you and Frost. Well, great blog. Stay good :)

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