Basho Sings a Psalm

From Psalm 104:19

He made the moon for the seasons;

The sun knows the place of its setting.

Monsoon might have ended. 

Its descent into the cold Autumn breeze

Has certainly begun.

Last night the rain only started 

After darkness had completely

Enveloped our highest peak.

It’s colder.

The sun sets well before dinner

Change shows its face.

When the moon couldn’t show its face.

The only sound was the loud 

Thunder shaking the grass.

The dogs didn’t bark

It was sudden. 

It woke me from a fitful sleep.

Dussehra was just a few days ago.

Hoping that good wins the day

They burnt Ravana 

Just a flimsy scarecrow.

Evil is far more terrifying

Ask the thunder.

Basho says, “Here’s a foolish notion—

      the spirit world is like

      an autumn evening.”

Foolish flimsy Zen.

Harsh drives me in a battered taxi.

He’s played both Bhishma and Parjánya.

He woke up this morning 

Like a snow-covered mountain.

I woke up knowing that something had changed.

I felt it to the bones of my feet.


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