Song of a Self

Lew Welch

If this is what life is,
Could one of your Gods do it better?
I make what I see, and I make what I hear
with Eye and my animal eye--
with ear and my Auditing Ear...
full of my gift
I am never left out and afraid
And this what the song is
(all of you waking and working and going to bed)
I sing what you'd know if you took time to hear,
I know what you'd learn if you had cause to care
Envy my wildness if you will....
full of my gift
I am often
left out and afraid
And this all my art is
(that stays at the distance the stage is)
You turn from my songs into another's arms,
As I, who have taken you all to my heart,
Would sometimes be taken to heart....
full of my gift
I am only
left out and afraid
Commentary by the Red Monk
Except for things like the Yaws, there is no suffering
unless we invent someone to suffer the suffering


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